304: John Mayer

Awww yeah, there I am, just chattin' it up with rock critics like I always do.  There are, surprisingly, very few John Mayer HATERS in the world.  Pretty much anyone who's not a fan really just doesn't care about him at all, not even enough to hate on him.  Maybe it's because everyone kinda agrees that he's a good guitarist, or maybe it's because there are so many other pop stars that are way eaiser to pick on.  I remember back in high school when I was hating on pop stars, I still had a soft spot in my heart for Mayer, since he was "the acceptable pop star.  He like, played instruments, and stuff."

And now let's talk music.  Here's another one of those bands that I've been recommended several times, each time liking them a bit more.  They are the Finnish melodic rock band called Poets Of The Fall.  Melodic rock is what I would call their genre, but in reality it would be more accurate to call them FUCKING BEAUTIFUL.  They do have some heavier rock stuff as well, but the majority of their popular songs are this kind of prettiness, and I'm not complaining.  Here's another one of their songs, "Can You Hear Me."  I'd like to thank all the folks who have suggested them in the past, even if I said I wasn't into them at first.  It all helped to build my enjoyment.  That's all for today, but we've got plenty more to come!  See you tomorrow!

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