305: Single

This comic marks the first time I used my computer to fully color in Wade's skin.  Using colored pencils really limits your ability to get different colors of skin; you always get one generic "White person's skin" color and then a whole lot of "Fuck you, nothing," for every other skin color.  I kinda got tired of trying to blend colors for Wade and Myles, they always came out looking blotchy and never the color I wanted, so I'm probably going to use my computer for it from now on.  This is one example of something that will be a lot easier once I've transitioned to digital comics.

Now, before anything else, I'd like to make a little announcement.  This is something I knew I'd have to do eventually.  If you guys have emailed me these last few months, you'll probably have noticed that my responses keep coming later and later.  And many people are still waiting for first replies!  This is not because I've stopped answering emails, I assure you, I still answer them every day.  There's literally just so many coming in all the time that I can't keep up!  I've been backlogged for months - in fact, the emails that are next in my list are still from TWO MONTHS AGO.  Obviously this means a lot of people have been kept waiting all this time, and I really apologize to you guys for that.  It's just a slow process, really;  reading emails takes a little time, but listening to band recommendations and then responding to emails takes way longer.  And so right now my main objective is to try to catch up on them all, before I start work on any future site updates.  But I don't want to stop doing comics, so instead I'm going to enforce a temporary Stop Emails, effective for the next. . . I don't know. . . three weeks?  Yeah, three weeks.  That should be plenty of time for me to make a significant dent in my inbox, and then we'll see how it looks after that.  I'll still be accepting emails if there's some kind of emergency, obviously, and comics and band recs and even shoutouts will continue normally during this time.  Just hold off on the emails for a few weeks if you can!  Thanks, everybody!  Dammit, why do you guys have to rock so much?!

Speaking of folks who rock, I'd like to show my appreciation to Patrick from Australia, Justin from the Philippines, Alex from England, CAMERON FROM CAPSLOCKISTAN, and Ceebee from Somewhere Over The Rainbow.  You guys are fantastic and I hope you realize it!  That's it for this week, everyone, see you all Monday!

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