306: Missing

So today's strip was colored entirely on my computer, sort of as an experiment.  I wanted to see how it looked compared to how much time it saved, and in reality it wasn't too different on either point.  I like how skin colors turn out, but on darker colors, like my shirt and the chairs, there are newer complications that I hadn't foreseen.  And the whole process pretty much took me the same amount of time anyway.  In the end it just doesn't really look quite as FUN as colored pencils, so I'll chalk this up to a necessary trial and error run.

For today's music I've got an American band called Andrew Jackson Jihad.  These guys fit into an excellent niche genre known as folk-punk.  Or better yet, INDIE folk-punk.  This means you'll get all of the low-fi quality of indie rock, the acoustic instrumentation of folk rock, and the in-your-face, nihilistic lyrics and weird singing of punk, all combined in one band.  Check out one of their most popular songs here, called "People II: The Reckoning," and then a video for one of their harder punk rock songs, "Gift Of The Magi 2."  Thanks to Henry from the magical internet lands for the suggestion!  I'm kinda liking these one-a-day band suggestions lately, so I'll have another one for you all tomorrow!  We're going doom metal on that one!  EXCITING.  But before I go, I'd also really like to thank Luca from Brazil, Tristan from *shrugs shoulders*, Corey from my imagination, and Tom from New Jersey (whom I've totally met and is awesome).  You guys should all get bronze statues made of you as monuments to your greatness.  I command it, let it be done.

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