307: Problem

This comic actually makes me laugh everytime I recite it to myself.  It's nice when your own joke works on yourself. :)

So I promised y'all some doom metal today, am I right?  Well this here is a Finnish band called Swallow The Sun, but they don't just play regular doom metal, oh no - these guys play death/doom.  That's correct; they blend the slow, low, melodic droning of doom with the growls and riffs of death metal, sometimes switching back and forth between the styles, sometimes mixing them together at the same time.  It leads to quite an awesome mix of hard and soft anger, slow hatred and melodic prettiness.  Honestly, I just like describing the genre because of all the contradicting adjectives I get to use.  Check out a few of their songs here, first is "The Justice Of Suffering" (Hey, check it out, it's James Franco!), and the next is a song featuring Anette Olzon of Nightwish called "Cathedral Walls."  Half slow singing, half pure fucking rage.  A big thanks to Ben from the UK for the recommendation!  You rock dude!

And I forgot to mention this on Friday, but If you get an email from me during my Stop Emails period, you're definitely still allowed to reply to it.  I'd hate for people to have to wait three weeks just to answer a question or something!  And just so you guys know, this is actually going great for me so far.  I've finally been able to start catching up on emails, though I still have quite a ways to go if I wanna get through everything.  Thanks for all your patience and cooperation everybody!  It's really very helpful!

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