308: Preferences

Here's the comic for yesterday!  I'll be working on the next one throughout the day, and will put it up whenever I finish.  Hopefully I'll still have plenty of time to finish Friday's on schedule.

Today I bring you a kickass French punk band called Dirty Fonzy.  These guys have that awesome "fuck you" attitude and classic punk sound that we all know and miss, and you can hear it in their songs "Daddy Was A Dirty Punk," and "Keep Your Shit."  And here's another great song of theirs called "Human Vegetable," and you can click through this playlist if you wanna hear some more of their material, there's not very much out yet.  Great band, let's hope we see some more stuff from them in the future!  A special thanks to Andreas from Denmark for the recommendation and links!  And in addition to Andreas, I'd also like to thank a bunch of other people for THEIR emails and recommendations!  Those people are: Boris from Croatia, John from Norway, Jal from Denmark, Blake from Australia, Jose from Mexico, Sam from Sweden, Van from Nowhere, and Holden Caulfield from - if I remember my literature correctly - Pencey Prep boarding school in Pennsylvania.  Expect to hear these names again in the future, as they have given me a collective SLEW of great new music!  You guys rock, and soon everyone will know it!!!

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