310: Standards, Part II

I didn't really want these last few comics to turn into an info-dump, but I guess that's kind of how it ended up.  Oh well, darn.

So before getting to our music recs today, I want to give a super special shoutout.  A few days ago I was contacted by Kobus van Rooyen, the booking agent for none other than Dan Patlansky, South Africa's famous bluesman and possessor of SRV ghost fingers.  Kobus caught wind of my comics and really enjoyed them, and after some mutual fan-ing out to eachother, we spent several emails discussing Dan's music and his latest album that came out earlier this year.  The man is freaking awesome, and he assures me that we can expect many more amazing things from Dan, so I'd like to give Kobus the shoutout of the century.  It's good to know a musician like Dan has great guys like Kobus backing him up, you rock dude.

And now for our band rec today, which comes from Sam from Sweden.  The story of how Sam found this band is pretty cool, so I'm gonna tell that too!  Turns out Sam is family friends with Frederik Andersson, the drummer from Amon Amarth!  Fredrik is of course an amazing drummer, and when Sam asked him which drummers HE liked, he mentioned Kai Hahto from the Finnsih band Wintersun.  Wintersun is an excellent example of different metal genres being blended together into one extreme style.  The best way I can describe it is: it's like if Children of Bodom played long, epic folk metal songs.  Check out some of their kickass tracks here, all of which you can hear Kai Hahto's amazing drumming on.  Here's a short one called "Beyond The Dark Sun," (All I could think of when watching this music video was "Goddamn, this is so Scandinavian. xD ) and then a longer one called "Winter Madness." (please ignore the douchey second comment.)  Thanks again, Sam, you lucky bastard!  That's all for this week you guys, see everyone on Monday!

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