311: Call

I know what a lot of you are probably thinking right now:    "No way!  I don't believe it!  Nobody's phone actually rings anymore!!"     Well, maybe Wade is just old-fashioned!

Hey, do you guys remember that band called Rival Sons?  I talked about them in this comic, and also because they're fucking awesome?  Well I just learned that they are coming out with a new album next week, and have just released a music video for the first single from it.  (For once, those VEVO ads were actually good for something!)  The single is called "Keep On Swinging," and I think you can all hear for yourselves just how great it is.  I am so excited for this album.  I already know it's going to be good.  In fact, I can already predict what my review of it would be:  "Hey guys, did you know that this album FUCKING ROCKS?  DUH.  NO SHIT."  You can pre-order the album on iTunes (which of course, I have already done), or you can purchase it when it comes out next Monday.

And now that I'm done pandering to this band, it's time for me to pander to some amazing people!  Like, for instance, Josh from England, who told me about a band called Volbeat recently (OMG did you know that's also a pokeymans?) :P.  Also Erik and Bob, both from the Netherlands, Brutus from Ohio, Simon from Denmark, and finally Mitchell from some message board called /mu/, on some website called "4chan." (Sounds made-up to me.)  You guys all kick ASS, every one of you!  And so do all the rest of you guys!  I'll see you tomorrow!

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