313: Comments

Seriously you guys, this type of shit needs to end.  As a metalhead myself, I am ashamed and disgusted by the amount of intolerance and hatred that many of my fellow fans display.  Intolerance and hatred for seemingly everyone who isn't one of them.  It persists amongst metal fans moreso than in any other genre of music, and it's making us all look bad.  And I'm not just talking about online, either.  There is a clear trend of homophobia, exclusion, and violent behavior that blankets the entire culture, a culture that likes to proclaim itself as standing for individuality and acceptance, no less.  Being a fan of one band can get you harrassed by the fans of another band.  Not knowing the difference between genres or styles can also get you harrassed.  And one of the most common choices of harrassment is the use of homophobic insults.  I am fucking disgusted by it all, and what's worse: it gives credence to all of the negative stereotypes people have towards metal and metal fans.  It's hypocritical, juvenile, and morally repulsive, and I don't want any of us to stand for it anymore.

That's my mini-rant for the day.  I'll let it stew for now and come back tomorrow with some more band recs and light-heartedness!  Speaking of which, did you guys realize that ZZ Top just released their newest album yesterday?  I found out about that YESTERDAY.  :O  I bought the album and I'll give a short review of it tomorrow, so stay tuned for that!

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