Song of the Day

September 12, 2012
The Dethalbum (2007)

How about a little friendly metal?  The anger and violence inherent to metal music is not something that's supposed to translate to fan interactions, outside of mosh pits and concerts.  It's supposed to speak to us in a language we understand all too well, an emotion we feel all too readily, and we're supposed to feel connected and inspired by the fact that so many other people out there have those same feelings.  But instead of letting it connnect us, many fans nitpick those emotions, believing that only one exact style or genre can REALLY express their emotions properly, and everything else just doesn't get it right.  This makes them believe that they have nothing in common with the fans from those other genres, and they let it divide them instead of connecting them.  But that is no excuse for the hate and harrassment.  Just because one genre creates a different emotional context than another genre does not mean either of them is BETTER or MORE RIGHT than the other.  It just means they're different.


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