315: Wow

I honestly couldn't think of a title for this one that wouldn't give away the joke, so I went with the tried-and-true method of using a random word from the first panel!  This is a good Friday strip, it's almost like a little mini-cliffhanger.  What could she be showing him?  Actually it probably won't be very surprising, I'm guessing most of you will have heard of it before.  But it's something new for Jolie and Kevin.

Speaking of something new, here's a band that will be new for most of the people living outside South America: the classic Brazilian rock band Ultraje a Rigor.  They had a lot of success throughout the 80's, being the first rock band to reach platinum status in Brazil, though their success dropped off quite a bit after that decade.  But the main reason I wanted to bring them up is because of their MTV Acoustic concert in 2005.  The entire thing is up on YouTube, and it's a fantastic performance.  Not only is it an amazing hour of acoustic rock and blues music, the top comments also list the names and start times of each song, making the video so easy to watch.  You guys like getting music to listen to?  I'm giving you an entire concert.  I like you that much.  (Also, if you want to hear an awesome acoustic cover of The Who's "I Can't Explain", sung in Portuguese, skip to song #6.)  I'd like to thank Luca from Brazil for recommending this band to me!  Thanks Luca!  And I'll see you guys on Monday!

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