316: OCRemix

Amount of time is took to draw the second panel in pencil?  10 minutes.  Amount of time it took to draw the last panel in pencil?  1 and a half hours.  Drawing can be a very strange process sometimes. (when you don't know how to do it.)

I'm sure many of you have heard of OCRemix before and this comic will be old news, but for those who haven't, you can check it out right here.  Basically the site works like this: people submit their own versions of video game songs to the site, which can then be downloaded for free by anyone.  And there are songs from nearly every genre, from rock to electronic to classical piano.  The website already has close to 2,500 songs available, with a new one being added every few days, as well as 40 themed albums and double-albums.  Essentially, there's more songs on this website than many people have in their entire libraries, something like 20 GB of music, or over 40 GB when using FLAC or WAV.  In other words, IT'S MY FUCKING PROMISED LAND.  There's also a reason why I waited until now to talk about the site: when I first found out about it, I couldn't bring myself to start downloading anything yet.  I was so excited and emotional upon discovering the site that I literally couldn't handle it at the time, and had to make myself wait until I had calmed down weeks later before listening to anything.  It's true that I get very emotional about video game music.  In my opinion it includes of some of the most beautiful, functional, and entertaining music in history, and my passion for it even rivals my passion for rock (though rock is much more fun to learn about).  So after finding out about OCRemix, it was literally too good for me to handle at first, and I had to wait for weeks before I was ready to experience it all with a level head.  And now that I finally have, I'm on a journey to listen to EVERY SINGLE F@&%ING SONG ON THE ENTIRE WEBSITE.  And I couldn't be more excited by the prospect.

So, before I leave for the day, I'd like to thank a bunch of my sexy readers out there.  Anders from Norway, Gianpaolo from Italy, Anton from Sweden, Karl from Germany, Jack from "The westcountry," as well as Dan from He's-Awesome-Town, Shaun from I-Like-Firefly-Ville, Christian from Krautrock-Kicks-Ass-Burg, and Stephen from Aussie-Bands-FTW-Shire.  Damn those are a bunch of sexy names there, please everyone try to contain yourselves around all of these shining examples of awesomeness here.  And now I'll see you guys later!  I've got a concert to go to tonight, which I'm sure you'll hear all about over the next few days!

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