317: B'z

It's kinda what happened.  Actually I learned about B'z thanks to Slash, who did a song with B'z singer Koshi Inaba for his solo album.  Also, of course the God of Rock would be Black - he's the one who created it, isn't he?  (GET IT?!)  I've wanted to talk about B'z since day one of 3CD, but kept waiting and eventually forgot about it.  But now I'm going to do this band justice by devoting the next several comics to them.  B'z, consisting of singer Koshi Inaba and guitarist Tak Matsumoto (<3), are not only the highest-selling musical act in Japanese history, they're also on the list of top-selling artists in the world.  Saying they're "the greatest" is pretty subjective, but good luck convincing me otherwise.  I love these guys.  B'z's music ranges from hard rock to pop ballads with some upbeat poppy J-rock in the middle.  This band blends the elements of rock and pop so well that you can't call it pop-rock, you literally have to call it "a combination of pop and rock."  They take influence from classic rock artists such as Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Van Halen, which you can hear in a lot of their songs, and their mastery of different styles and genres seems to have no limit.  Do I sound like I love this band?  BECAUSE I FUCKING LOVE THIS BAND.  They give me a raging musical hard-on like no other, because they are able to write things that sound like this.  And just watch them perform in all their glory.  I mean, seriously, if you're a rock fan and don't think that performance is fucking awesome I'd probably think you were crazy.

In addition to B'z, I'll also mention something for all the metalheads out there.  Here's a Danish thrash metal band by the name of Artillery.  Check out how well they embody everything thrash in their song "When Death Comes."  And these guys aren't some New Wave Of Thrash band trying to bring back the era, au contraire, these guys are FROM that era, getting their start all the way back in the 80's when thrash was in its budding infancy.  I love having new thrash bands to listen to, so I can thank Jal from Denmark for recommending this gem to me.  Thanks Jal, stay metal!

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