Song of the Day

September 18, 2012
煌めく人 [Kirameku Hito]
Eleven (2000)

By far one of my favorite rock songs by B'z, with one of the coolest guitar riffs ever.  Like all of their albums, this one has sold more than a million copies, over 700,000 of those in its first week.  And that number was low for them at the time.  Despite the band having countless amazing hits, their albums for me are always half-awesome, and half songs-I-don't-care-about.  That's because they'll usually be half rock and half pop, with a bunch of crossover, and I don't care too much about most of the pop songs.  So it's kinda like saying half of their stuff is the greatest shit I've ever heard, and the other half of their stuff is the greatest shit someone ELSE has ever heard.


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