318: A Concert Tale: B'z

This takes place a little over a year ago, when I got to see B'z in concert on their first American tour in 8 years.  I snatched those tickets up as soon as I found out about it, because I figured it could be another 8 years before they came back again.  As it turns out, they came back again this year, but it was still totally worth it to see them when I did.  You guys will get to see some of that awesomeness over the next few days.

Speaking of awesomeness, here's an old classic punk band called The Gun Club, not very well known, but very influential for adding frequent blues elements into their punk rock.  Anyone who likes to call themselves "blues punk" have this band to thank for it (though admittedly, there aren't many bands who do call themselves that).  Either way they've got a lot of great classic punk rock tracks like "Sex Beat," and "She's Like Heroin To Me."  A big thanks to Erik from the Netherlands for recommending the band!  That's all for today, see you guys later!

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