319: A Concert Tale: B'z, Part II

The line outside the B'z concert last year was probably the funniest line ever, because it was 99% Japanese fans, plus a few White and Black boyfriends being dragged to the concert by their Japanese girlfriends, and then me - the one White B'z fan who came there all by himself.  The concert this year was actually much more diverse.  The band had spent the last several months trying to break into the American marketplace more; they released an EP entirely in English, and they wrote the theme to the video game Dragon's Dogma (also in English).  And it's definitely been working, the line at this year's concert included many more White fans because of it.  (Damn, that means all my hipster American cred is gone now!  I'm no longer unique!  Curse you, B'z!)

Sorry again for the day-long delay, everybody.  I've been in this kinda work funk lately where it's taking me forever to finish even the simplest things.  I don't really know what brought it on, but usually this kinda thing means I need to have a change of pace.  Luckily, I'm pretty sure I have a simple solution for getting over it, BUT it might take me a week or two to actually accomplish it.  You guys should probably expect an erratic upload schedule over the next week or so, and I'll try to make adjustments as quickly as possible.  The secret outcome of all of this should actually be quite a nice surprise for everyone, so there's nothing really to worry about.  I'll still try to get the last comic for this week uploaded over the weekend, but if I'm unable to I'll just upload a fan-comic instead.  Sorry in advance about all this!  Sometimes cartooning every day can get kinda mentally taxing!  That being said, I'll get back to band recs and such at a later time!  (I still haven't even talked about Rival Sons' new album!)  But for now, I'll see you all sometime over the weekend!

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