Song of the Day

September 21, 2012
Sweet Lil' Devil
The 7th Blues (1994)

Here's the last B'z song I'll be playing for this week, tomorrow it's back to other artists again.  This song is like a giant homage to classic rock bands: everything about it just SCREAMS "Aerosmith", from the guitar riffs, to the harmonica, to the harmony of "Sweeeeeet lil' devil" at the end.  And then of course the obvious Led Zeppelin reference with the guitar solo, which Tak Matsumoto copied from the song "Heartbreaker" note for note.

This album was their 7th, and the first where they really switched from doing pure J-pop to more hard rock songs.  The album cover is also notable for two reasons: Koshi Inaba's name is spelled wrong (although I guess it's not technically wrong as long as it's pronounced the same in English), and their logo design is very reminiscent of Aerosmith's.


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