320: Sketch Week: B'z

Sorry about this everybody, I started the next comic and I literally couldn't finish it just because of the mental block I've got right now.  I'm pretty much stuck in a super work slump that's going to last through the whole week, so instead of comics I'm just going to do a week of filler sketches.  And at least this way we won't be dealing with super late random upload times, which was the main thing I wanted to avoid.  So sketches this week, and then I'll resume with regular comics on Monday.  Sorry again!

But hey, maybe this'll make it up to you a little:  Do you guys watch Adventure Time?  Well snce this is the internet, you either do, or you pretend to because you've heard it's awesome and you want to seem cool.  So, do you guys remember that awesome scene where Marceline sings "I'm Just Your Problem"?  Well much to our collective nerd pleasure, Elena from Spain took that song and turned it into a full 4-minute metal masterpiece, cpmplete with guitar solo, piano, and beautifully sung vocals.  It's amazing.  Take a listen and download the song, and become an instant fan of Elena's like I am.  And now, until tomorrow!

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