Song of the Day

September 30, 2012
Women On Top
Ready To Rock [EP] (2004)

Almost as if I wanted to undermine my own point, why don't we listen to a song filled with sexual innuendos?  Rock and roll displays its own share of sexism every once in a while, but it's not a regular part of the culture or history.  The reason why it pops up here or there is because most of the artists are male, and they tend to write lyrics about male things.  And what's a common problem/desire for males?  WOMEN!  Usually it's not offensive, even when it's about sex, because it's usually just saying "I like sex and I want to have it," which is not exclusive to men, nor is it subjugating to women.  But then other times it can also be subjugating to women.

But if it's in music it's totally cool.  Chicks still dig it.


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