326: A Concert Tale: B'z, Part III

That lady sure was nice.  Hello everybody, and welcome back to regular comics!  It sure was nice to take some time off from them last week, but I gotta tell you, it really feels good to come back to it all.  The sleepless nights, the long hours, the sometimes frustratingly slow drawing process, I actually started to miss it after a while.  And today also marks the end of my Stop Emails period, so once again you may all resume sending them however so you choose.  So does that mean that I've caught up on emails now?  FUCK NO!  I'm still more than two months behind, but now at least there are FEWER emails than there were before!  So if you still haven't received a response from me, worry not!  Just be patient and it'll eventually show up in your inbox, once I've finally finished listening to all the recommendations people have given me.  But in the meantime, don't feel bad about adding to the ever-growing mail mountain, I welcome the delicious challenge of answering them all.  Fucking bring it on, world.  Make me swamped.

And now that we're back to regular comics, that also means we're back to new band recs!  This here is an amazing American band called The Gaslight Anthem.  While their music is mostly reminiscent of light rock and pop rock, they take significant influence from the music of Bruce Springsteen as well, since they are from the same homestate of New Jersey.  Check out a few of their songs here, first is "Great Expectations," and then another great one called "Handwritten."  And finally, because it's just too awesome to leave out: a live performance of theirs featuring a very special guest.  I'd really like to thank Jose from Mexico for the recommendation and the info on this band, you rock dude!  That's all for today now, see you guys tomorrow!

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