327: A Concert Tale: B'z, Part IV

Every panel in this comic is my most favorite panel.  Koshi Inaba is the frontman, so naturally he gets all the attention.  But I'm actually a bigger fan of the guitarist, Tak Matsumoto, who's one of my favorite guitarists in the world.  At both of my B'z concerts, I was the only person in the room yelling for Tak instead of Inaba-san.  Cuz he deserves it.

Today I bring you another amazing guitar virtuoso by the name of Neil Zaza, who has some of the prettiest guitar soloing I've heard since Satch.  I mean, just listen to this tune and try to resist becoming happy.  It's not possible.  The man makes magic happen.  Here's another song of his titled "Fargo".  A big thanks to Jack from Who Knows Where for the recommendation on this one!  And that's all you guys are gonna get outta me today!  Whatcha gonna do about it?!  YOU'RE NOT THE BOSSES OF ME!

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