329: YouTube Guitarists

Taadaa!  This is a drawing that was commisioned of me by everyone's favorite VG cover artist: FamilyJules7x.  He loved the comics I did of them and asked me to draw a group piece with all of his fellow guitarists, in what I'm now calling the FamilyJules7x Community.  It took me two whole days and an all-nighter to finish, because I wanted to make sure I got everything about them just right, but it was totally worth spending the extra time on.  The order from left to right goes: ToxicEternity, DrPez12, LennartAlsing, Jam2995, TheDelRe, Ferdk16, CSGuitar89, ArtificialFear, and finally FamilyJules7x.  The two new faces in there are ToxicEternity and DrPez12, who I've never mentioned before.  They are both totally awesome and you chould check them out.  And finally, here's the wallpaper version of this drawing.

And now, as promised, I've got a BUTTLOAD of photos from my recent Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators Apocalyptic Love Tour Concert Show Experience for you all!  In fact, I've got over 30 IN TOTAL!  I was right in front of center stage and didn't have any tall people in front of me, which meant I was in ample picture-taking position, and I exploited the hell outta that position.  I was taking pic after pic after pic, and by the end of the show I ended up with several hundred of them.  Here's all my favorites!  The show had two opening acts this time; first up was a kickass hard rock band called Electric Sister.  The band had some great guitar riffs, and the singer was really active and entertaining.  You could tell he was a guy who wanted nothing more than to be a rock star.  Next up was the band Foxy Shazam.  This is a band whose music is totally outshone by their stage performance.  The band is such a visual masterpiece, with every member acting up and doing crazy stunts.  They had me constantly guessing what crazy shit they were going to do next.  But the best part was definitely their keyboardist.  Not only was he one of the craziest and most energetic keyboardists you've ever seen, but at the end of the show he started crowdsurfing . . . WITH HIS KEYBOARD.  This guy earns the award for Best Stage Antic of the year in my book.  And then after them it was finally time for Slash, Myles, and The Conspirators.  They played all the best hits from Apocalyptic Love and Guns N' Roses, with a few others from his first solo album, Velvet Revolver, and Slash's Snakepit for good measure.  Myles sang and performed great, but you could tell he was feeling a little under the weather onstage.  He had to leave the stage a few times and would hand singing duties over to bassist Todd Kerns, who did a great job as well.  Their new rhythm guitarist for the tour, Frankie Sidoris, was fantastic, and Slash was fucking Slash, which meant by the end of the show I had pretty much lost my voice, my energy, and about 6 gallons of sweat and tears.  It's an amazing thing when these guys who have been around for this long still give a better show than half of the bands out there.

MORE PICS!  Slash:  Pic1,  Pic2,  Pic3,  Pic4,  Pic5          Myles:  Pic1,  Pic2,  Pic3,  Pic4          Todd Kerns:  Pic1,  Pic2

Slash & Myles:  Pic1,  Pic2          Group:  Pic1,  Pic2,  Pic3,  Pic4

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