330: Dubstep Derrick

Damn, looks like I'm starting to let my fighting game lingo seep into my comics.  Pretty soon I'm going to be using the word "HYPE" in every sentence.  Also, you may have noticed that we are missing one day's worth of comics, and that is true.  I was asked by one of FamilyJules' fellow YouTube guitarists if I could do a different version of my drawing for him, which I was spending most of my time on.  But, I'm sure I'll make up that missing day before long.

But anyway, meet Dubstep Derrick everyone.  You might remember him first popping up in these drawings that I did, with a different name.  Credit for the name Derrick goes to Kurt from I-Should-Probably-Check-On-That, who confused the name and I loved the way it sounded even better than the original.  I really like the design I came up with for Derrick, though I'll still need to find the perfect color shirt for him.  Derrick is meant to be one of those perfect frat guys you meet in college, the ones that you think are going to be total douches, but who end up actually being cool guys once you get to know them.  And since they're nice you can't even hate them for being good-looking or in a fraternity.  I met a lot of guys like that in college. Techno Chad, on the other hand, is the exact opposite.  He's the douche that gives other frat boys a bad name.  In my mind Chad was never supposed to represent the stereotypical techno lover, but instead the stereotypical dumb college party guy, who's only knowledge of music is what they play at raves and parties (i.e. techno).  But, naturally, giving him the name "Techno Chad" totally leads to the previous assumption, so I'm glad I get to add Derrick to the mix to correct that.  I've never actually met anyone who's had an extensive or historical knowledge of electronic genres, but I'm sure there are some out there, as there are for all genres of music.  And there are definitely going to be more people like that as electronic music gets older.

So, I'm sure you guys have probably forgotten by now, but the newest album by Rival Sons came out a few weeks ago and I never got around to talking about it!  But now I can!  In short:  IT'S AWESOME.  In long:  IT'S AWESOME because it's a lot of really kcikass buesy rock songs.  Take a listen to one of the songs here.  The guitar riffs are pure blues-inspired hard rock, and the singing is fantastically gospelly.  The mix is really good - the lows blast beautifully, and the guitars have been panned way out to the sides, which was something I never thought their music needed, but now I think it's perfect for them.  All in all, their music and production has gotten more refined and more consistent, which means they're starting to hit their groove, or "find their sound" if you will.  I'd say this album is no better or worse than any of their previous albums, meaning it's pretty fucking sweet.

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