331: Techno

Even though I know that electronic genres are all different, I have absolutely no idea what those differences are.  I've never bothered to learn the difference between Techno and House and Trance and whatnot, because I've never really cared.  It's hard enough just figuring out all the different metal genres, and that's stuff I LIKE!

Speaking of stuff that I like, here's an amazing band from Denmark called The Blue Van!  These guys are what you would get if you mixed modern indie rock with the classic blues-rock from the British Invasion era, with a look and sound straight outta the 60's.  In other words, they're like everything that's good about lo-fi garage rock and classic rock in a single band.  Check out some of their songs right here, which I cannot stop listening to lately.  First up is "I'm A Man," and then the very 60's-ish "Silly Boy," and finally the song "There Goes My Love."  If there was ever going to be a band that could bridge the gap between classic rock fans and indie fans, it would be the Back Keys.  But then after them, it would be these guys.  And I actually like these guys BETTER!  A big huge thanks to Simon from Denmark for telling me about these guys, because that was a good day when he did that.  Thanks Simon!  See you guys tomorrow!

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