332: Identity Change

I'm actually starting to like the term "stoner rock," but not for any of the intended reasons.  Because let's face it, the term "stoner rock" is effectively a misnomer.  The majority of bands labelled as Stoner Rock have nothing to do with psychadelia, drugs, or stoner culture, and it's not even a style of music that would appeal to stoners more than it would to any other person.  The term was originally intended to describe a lower, drudgier style of rock that was heavily influenced by bands from the psychadelic era, which is where the similarities to Black Sabbath come in, but now it's used to describe practically any band that plays riff-based hard rock.  You don't need to have any connection psychadelia or Sabbath whatsoever - if you play hard rock, you're probably going to be labelled as stoner rock nowadays.  And that's actually why I started to like the term.  It's always used to describe modern hard rock bands that take influence from classic styles, which makes it a pretty useful, albeit misleading, descriptor.  I always know exactly what to expect when I hear the term, even if it's not what the term was originally supposed to mean.

And so to celebrate stoner rock's awesomeness, I've got two hard rock bands that have been labelled "stoner rock" for you guys!  The first is a kickass Canadian band called Priestess, and their amazing hit song "Lay Down."  The band has released two albums so far, and in my opinion their first one, Hello Master, is FUCKING AMAZING.  Here's another song from it called "Talk To Her."  Their second album is a bit slower and more progressive, which is still awesome, but has fewer hits than the first one.  The second band is called Red Fang, from America.  These guys are more on the lower, Sabbathier side of stoner rock, and their albums follow a similar pattern.  The first one is more upbeat, while the second is a bit slower and doomier, but both are equally awesome and filled with amazing hits.  And don't even get me started on their music videos.  These guys' videos are some of the funniest and awesomest ever, and I can guarantee they will make you fall in love with the band.  Now crack open a beer and take a listen to "Wires," and then "Prehistoric Dog," and finally "Hank Is Dead."  I'd like to thank Gianpaolo from Italy for recommending Priestess and Elena from Spain for recommending Red Fang!  You guys are awesome!  See you guys later today!

(You know who's actually a stoner rock band?  Tenacious D.  Think about that.)

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