334: Daydreaming

Jeez, get it together girl.  So, hello again everyone, it's great to be back home and drawing comics for you all once more!  Texas was fantastic and Austin City Limits was more fun than I ever imagined!  Each day seemed to get better than the last, both in terms of music and my all-around attitude and enjoyment of the festival.  The first day ended up tiresome; I was exhausted from the flight and could barely stay awake long enough to see The Black Keys perform.  Plus I was by myself that day, AND SOBER, which meant I had no one to talk to.  But the next day I was all rested AND I HAD ALCOHOL, which meant finding random people to talk to was no problem at all. ;)  Plus it rained that day, so everyone was soaked and muddy and was revelling together in the shared discomfort.  But the last day was by far the best.  The best shows, plus alcohol, plus finding a bunch of random people my age to hang out with, it definitely ended on a high note.  The music itself was a vastly eclectic mix, with everything from classic rock to country to electronic to alternative all playing at the same time.  The rock artists like Jack White and Neil Young played really well, but they were TOTALLY unable to get the crowds active.  Pretty much dead crowds of 20 year-old who didn't know the songs and 40 year-olds who weren't going to move around.  The country and folk bands were a bit better, they were able to get the crowds dancing and swaying at least, but the best shows at the whole festival were BY FAR the DJs.  Artists like BASSNECTAR and M83 had their crowds jumping, dancing, and going fucking insane, you'd seriously think you were at a rave being in that crowd.  And that was to be expected, most of the young crowd were fans of these artists, and they were the only artists who had decent stage and light shows, which most of the other bands were sorely lacking.  Well, at least,  EXCEPT FOR ONE BAND.  There was ONE rock band that held its own against the DJs for the title of Best Show, and it was none other than the legend himself Iggy Pop & The Stooges.  Iggy is still one of the wildest, craziest performers you have ever seen, and he showed us all why he is the king of punk rock.  My pictures don't even do it justice.  He got a crowd of college-aged kids who didn't know his music to go fucking insane, jumping, dancing, screaming, moshing, and fighting like they had been punks all their life.  At a festival where the rock artists were playing to dead, motionless crowds, Iggy was the one who had people bum-rushing the stage, crowdsurfing, and holding up people in wheelchairs in a mad, drunken frenzy.  It was fantastic.  If I had only gotten to see that one show, it still would've been worth the entire trip.  I'll be doing some comics about the concert next week, because I still have plenty of more awesome stories to tell about it.

And now, for your listening pleasure today, I bring you an amazing Australian indie band called The Grates.  Not only do their songs rock hard in the most upbeat, poppy style imaginable, but their music videos are also so crazy and/or artistic that they'll overload your eyeballs in a sea of colors.  Or lack thereof.  If the word "fun" started a band, it would ALMOST be as fun as The Grates' music.  A special thanks to Stephen from Australia for an excellent recommendation.  And that's it!  See you guys tomorrow!

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