335: Changed

Dat background.  Mm.  Sorry to keep you all waiting, I took a super long time to make sure today's comic was as sexy as possible for all of you.  Because I love you thiiiiiis much!

And just to prove I love you, I've got a great acoustic guitarist for you guys to listen to, and then a hilarious article to read!  All courtesy of some awesome readers of mine who did all the work for me because they're great.  To start us off, I bring you a guitarist by the name of Michael Hedges.  He is well known for his classical guitar style, and for using a huge harp-guitar instrument, like he does in this video.  Hedges unfortunately died in a car crash back in 1997, but his skill lives on in countless videos and recordings.  Here's another great relaxing piece of his called "Ragamuffin."  I'd like to thank Raul from California for recommending this artist.  And then, as promised, an article for you all.  I'm sure if you're like me, you've probably thought to yourself, "Man, I love Castlevania, but I really wish there were more 80's metal references in it."  Well you, my friend, are in luck.  Such a game actually existed for the Famicom all the way back in 1989.  And after reading about it here, I think you'll all agree that it is the most glorious thing ever.  I present to you all: the game "Holy Diver."  You don't need to read the whole article, since most of it is about actual gameplay logistics, but I'm sure you can get a delicious taste of it from the first few paragraphs.  A very special thanks to Gabe from New York for sending me this article, as though delivering the word of the Lord God Dio right into mine ears.  Thanks be to him, we lift up our rock fists to the Lord, etc, Christianity, etc.

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