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October 18, 2012
Free Four
Pink Floyd
Obscured By Clouds (1972)

Here's a kickass rock song by Pink Floyd, which may be one of their most "rocking" songs in their catalogue.  This was recorded during their middle years, in between their early space rock and their later well-known concept albums.  During this middle time, Pink Floyd recorded several movie soundtracks (this album was one of them), and had no particular musical direction.  Their songs ranged from spacey, to light acoustic, to guitar driven rock like this, and most of it wasn't very popular at all.  But then a couple years later: BAM! - Dark Side Of The Moon hits and the musical world is changed forever.

The cover art for this album was done by Hipgnosis, the same group who designed the cover for Dark Side Of The Moon, and many other famous album covers.  It's a picture of a man sitting in a tree, taken out of focus.


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