338: Decision

Brain: "Alright Hand, I've got this thing all figured out up here, let's do this nice and slow."    Hand: "Hey don't you think we should have this line going like this instead?"    Brain: "Wha- No Hand, stop.  That line isn't supposed to go like that.  Come one, we agreed on this, you're supposed to follow what I tell you."    Hand: "Nah, your ideas always suck, I'mma do my own thing today."    Brain: "Hand, NO!  What the hell are you doing?!  LISTEN TO ME DAMMIT!"    Hand: "LOL."

And then one day later you finally have a comic.

Man, the things you learn in life, am I right?  Speaking of things that are in life, here's a real-life band from the Netherlands called DeWolff!  They're a psychadelic / blues rock band, and they come with everything you know and love about those genres:  hammond keyboards, awesome guitar solos, and progressive / bluesy riffs right out of the 1970s.  Check out two of their popular, upbeat singles here: "Gold And Seaweed" and "Don't You Go Up The Sky."  And then here's a slower, more progressive one that I really like, called "The Pistol."  Probably because it reminds me of Jethro Tull in style.  A big thanks to Bob from the Netherlands for the recommendation!  That guy funking rules.

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