339: Leap Of Faith

Hand: "Alright, alright, I'm sorry for yesterday, Brain.  I'll be serious this time, I promise.  Go ahead and tell me what to draw, I got this shit."               Brain: ". . ."       Hand: "... Brain?"       Brain: "... I... I can't decide which version of this I like the best..."     Hand: "... How many versions do you have?..."    Brain: ". . ."      Hand: "Brain."      Brain: "... eight..."     Hand: "... (sigh) This is gonna be a long night..."

Here's that last panel blown up for you guys.  And now to make your day just a little bit shorter, how about you waste some time listening to this amazing guitarist named Steffen Schackinger.  To say this guy excels in jazz guitar would be a huge understatement, more like he makes sweet, sweet love to the genre and then calls it in the morning.  Check out his smooth sound on the song "City Lights."  And then if you want a little more rock for your roll, you can jam out to his song "Bulldog Bite."  And finally, just for sheer coolness, one more titled "Perfect Waves."  Thanks to Emil, the Prince of the Danishes, for this guitarist recommendation!  (There might have been one more person who suggested him as well, but I couldn't find anything in my inbox, so...)   But not so fast - Emil's not the only one of you awesome readers who deserves a shoutout today, oh no.  Right alongside him, I'd like to thank James from England, Kurt from Kurtkurtistan, Parzival from Parzivania, Alex from Australia, Florian from France, and Maddflame from One-Sentence-Land.  They are all godlike individuals, who should be worshipped as deities amongst their brethren.  Or you know, given a high-five or something.  Either way, I'll be seeing you all tomorrow, hopefully with another strip before it's tomorrow's tomorrow.  Tomorrow!!!

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