341: Splashed

Hello again, everyone, thanks for waiting!  There's a fifth panel for this strip which you can see right here.  I felt like this panel was necessary to show for the story, but I also thought the strip today worked better with just the first four.  Consider it a canon transition between today and tomorrow's comics.

So before I get to music, I'd like to thank several wundurful peepul that I had the pleasure to hear from a while ago.  A huge thanks to Jasper from South Africa, Chris from Wales, Phillip from Fuck-if-I-Know (I'm going to say the Philippines tho because I'd find that hilarious), Eddy from MOAR NOISE ROCKJDKJHGSAD, Ian from Last.fm, and Aender from Kurt-Cobain-Don't-Leave-Us-NOOOOOOOOO.  Oh, and how could I forget Rani from Indonesia, who drew this adorable little sketch of me.  I can say without a doubt it's one of the most accurate drawings I've ever received. :D  Thanks to all you folks!  And now to leave you all with a little entertainment, here's a Finnish fantasy-epic-battle-metal band called Battlelore.  To say that these guys love J.R.R. Tolkien would be like saying Kevin Griffin kinda likes rock music; in other words, the fucking understatement of the century. :)  Practically all of their songs and videos include themes and references to Lord Of The Rings, which as we all know, lends itself to Scandinavian fantasy metal perfectly.  The band employs clean female vocals and male death growls for a nice duality of instensities (THAT's fun to say).  Check out a couple of their songs here, starting off with "Journey To Undying Lands," and then following up with "War Of Wrath."  The person who told me about this band is none other than Jeroen from the Netherlands.  Let us all thank him for giving us our daily dose of metally Lord Of The Rings for the day!  OMG JEROEN UR TEH BESSST!!!  See you all tomorrow!

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