342: Demand

Here you guys go, another 5-panel comic for you all!  But this time I got to include all five panels in the strip, so yay!  Tomorrow's comic is going to be a double one, so you can probably expect another pretty late upload for that one.  This arc is taking me a really long time to draw because I've been wanting to get all my facial expressions and body language perfect, and because I need to figure out a bunch of angles and positions that I've never drawn before.  But, in the end they've been turning out pretty damn well, so I'm glad I've taken the extra time.

But enough of my jabbering on - how would you guys like a great new pop rock band to listen to?  I know I sure would!  Well this here is a new Australian band called Jade Monkey, who have already proven themselves capable of writing some really awesome pop rock songs, like this one called "Stab In The Dark."  And here's another one called "I'm Ready," and another one of my favorites: "Smile."  You can hear that they have a very pretty, upbeat style, kinda Panic! At The Disco-esque, that makes their songs so freaking happy.  All of the band's music is available for download over at their bandcamp page, for whatever price you want to pay.  That's right, even if it's free.  I love it when bands do this; it's such a sign of faith in their music and their fans, and it just feels all-around good.  And that means you guys have no excuse not to check out their songs, because hey, you've got nothing to lose, and only good music to gain. :)  And of course, any band that is willing to give away their music for free is a band that we want to see sticking around for a long time, so if you like what you hear, be sure to show your support by throwing a couple of bucks their way.  I'd like to thank Jack from "the westcountry" (somewhere in Britain) for telling me about Jade Monkey.  An excellent recommendation from an excellent dude!

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