345: Damn You, Iranians.

Arya's got the Persian curse of the foreverbeard, whereas I have the much less impressive version for White people known as the neverbeard.  If my family is any indication of my future facial hair patterns, I'm likely to be able to grow a full beard by the time I'm 40.

Instead of a band for you all today, I'm going to recommend an awesome manga series about rock music, appropriately titled Wood Stock.  This series is an ongoing publication that has just recently started being translated into English.  The first two English issues are out already, with another arriving soon.  And once you read those first few chapters you'll be dying to read the rest.  The story follows a guy named Gaku, a lover of classic punk rock whose dream is to set up a festival like Woodstock in Japan one day.  You can read the first two chapters right here.  Or anywhere, really.  (And just to help avoid any confusion, the character Shina is introduced as the "Boot Boy Chief," but she is, of course, a woman.  "Boot boy" is simply a job position.)  To me, this manga is like what Beck should have been.  (You'll remember that I wasn't fond of the pacing, relationships, or protagonist in that one.)  I only have Wood Stock's first two chapters to base anything on, but it already seems like the protagonist is going to be much more interesting, like the plot is going to be much more intriguing, and that the relationships are going to be much more rewarding than Beck's.  Plus, the references to classic rock in this one actually have to do with the story, and aren't just thrown in.  It probably sounds like I'm really trashing Beck over here, but it's realy just that I think this series improves upon all the things that Beck did.  I really enjoyed the beginning of this story, so I'd like to thank Camillo from Illinois for providing me with the link!  And a happy weekend to you all!

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