347: Soap Box

Based on an actual conversation the Sultan and I had a few weeks ago.  And yes, he did use that Dark Knight reference. :)  So I've been getting a bunch of responses today from people wanting to voice their opinions about Green Day.  And it's pretty much been exactly what you would expect: some people are saying they're totally punk, others are saying they totally aren't, and quite a few of the emails are angry and/or insulting.  Even the punks have been divided fairly equally.  But one thing that I've noticed from every single email is that there's this idea that "you either ARE punk, or you're NOT punk - there is no middle."  You'll remember that my stance on Green Day is that they are both.  The idea that punkness can only be black or white is not only inaccurate, but it's also one that can lead to some pretty dangerous prejudices, so I'm going to be talking about that concept in greater depth tomorrow.

And now I've got several things to share with you guys today!  One is a band, and the other is an awesome fanart drawing that is sure to titillate the masses!  The band I bring to you all today is a kickass progressive power metal band from Texas called Immortal Guardian.  One of those rare American power metal bands, these guys combine that neo classical style that European power metal is know so well for, with insane technical guitar prowess and frequently changing beats.  Throw in a mix of clean vocals and extreme growling, and you've got Immortal Guardian.  Being a new band, they've only released one EP so far, but all of the songs on it are pretty freaking sweet.  You can listen to the songs on their website.  I'd like to thank (and give a slightly belated birthday shoutout to) my good friend Lunchingsworth for the musical recommendation!  Happy-You thanksday, Lady Lunchingsworth!  You are too cool.  And finally, as promised, an über-special fanart courtesy of our old friend Alice from Sweden!  I present to you all: a drawing of Jolie as we all see her in our hearts, in a piece entitled "Stairway To Heaven."  I don't think I need to state how awesome this drawing is . . . but I will anyway.  IT IS SO AWESOME THANK YOU ALICE YOU ROCK GRRRRL.

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