349: Music From Another Dimension!

Several days ago, Aerosmith released their latest album, Music From Another Dimension!, and I will readily admit that I went into this album already biased against it.  Over the past few years, I have been growing gradually more bored with hearing about Aerosmith.  Bored of all the news coverage about their infighting, bored of hearing about all their touring troubles, bored of seeing Steven Tyler everywhere I looked.  I still enjoyed all their old songs, and I still think their material is great, but my interest in the band was sinking lower and lower.  So when their new album was announced and they started releasing some singles for it, my reaction was more "curious" than anything else.  Curious to see how they were holding up musically after all these years, and ready for my interest to be re-piqued by some great new songs.  But then, to say the least, I was rather unimpressed with their first few singles.  So by the time I actually got to listen to the new album, they were already facing an uphill battle in my eyes.  The album basically had to be SURPRISINGLY good for it to be able to redeem itself to me. But unfortunately for the Bad Boys from Boston, it was not.  It was pretty much exactly what I expected: mediocre, generic, but fairly enjoyable Aerosmith songs.

The album did come close to surprising me at times.  Some of the things that I expected to be bad were actually alright.  Steven Tyler's voice on the singles had me worried that he had gotten too old for this shit, like he was no longer able to sing his own material well.  But that actually ended up not being a problem; his voice can still pull off most of the things it's known for - maybe not as well as he once could, but his voice did not bother me one bit while listening.  The second thing that they did well was their love ballads - as they should, they're fucking Aerosmith.  And a few of the rock songs were pretty cool too, almost on par with their older material.  The album definitely isn't bad in any sense of the word, but the majority of it is incredibly unimpressive.  The band's goal was to try to bring back their bluesier style from the 1970's, which musically they almost pulled off.  The guitars WILL remind you of old Aerosmith, and so will a lot of Steven Tyler's singing, but none of it really lives up to any of their old material.  You know what they sound like?  They sound like some OTHER band who are TRYING to sound like old Aerosmith, and they can't quite get it just right.  Now obviously, since it IS Aerosmith, they come closer to copying themselves than anyone ELSE ever could, but it still sounds like a slightly-off copy.  And so, in conclusion:  all of the songs entertained me (some more than others), but none of them impressed me, and given the opportunity I would probably pass on buying this album.  Also, for some reason the MP3 version of the album costs two dollars more than the physical CD, which I thought was pretty weird.  Aerosmith's Music From Another Dimension! gets a 4/10 from me.  I was originally going to give it a 5, because when I look at it objectively, I would say it's a pretty average album.  But then I was like, "Nah, this whole review is subjective already.  Go ahead and do the subjective score."

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