351: Superhero

Hey folks, big apologies to anyone who tried to visit the site earlier today only to find a broken website, my web host has been having server problems that kept their sites down all afternoon.  But now we're back up and running and I can finally upload today's comic for you guys!  And hey look, it's that same pothead guy!  Geez, they legalize marijuana in a few states and all of a sudden he thinks he can get away with anything!  Talk about a gateway drug! 

The MPA is one of those organizations who usually have their hearts in the right place, but not usually their heads.  Much of what they do is in the name of helping musicians earn money, which is a good cause to strive for, but their methods are often very unhelpful, or morally disagreeable.  For instance, since they are hardcore advocates against piracy, they supported SOPA and PIPA and other zero-tolerance policies in the name of "defending copyrights," which I think is an incredibly misguided course of action.  I can't hate them for wanting to help out musicians, but I definitely disagree with how they are trying to do it.  Oh, except for this whole tab and lyric thing.  They are HUUUUGE assholes for that.

I might do one more comic about these guys tomorrow.  By then you guys will be going "Yeah, yeah, we get the point already!"  But hey, I still got more jokes and I wanna milk them for all they're worth.

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