352: Justice

And they thought they could get away with it, too...  

So, thanks for waiting everyone!  Since you were all so patient today, I've got several kickass treats for you all, including a fan drawing, an interview with the guitarist from Rival Sons, and a brand-spanking-new band!  W007!  And so, let's start off our treat-fest with this adorable little drawing by rani from Indonesia!  Marvel at its doodly excellence!  If you don't think that's the cutest picture ever then screw you you're a dumbface.  Thanks a bunch rani!  And next up on our feast-fest of frivolity is an interview done by our very own Alex from Rainy Old England!  Alex got the chance to sit down with Rival Sons guitarist Scott Holiday, and ask him all about the band's experience as up-and-coming rockstars, and the state of rock and roll within the music industry.  It's a fantastic interview, and there's a question in there that was given to Alex by a strikingly handsome individual, so that's like two treats in one.  Oh, and Alex TOTALLY steals my line about FamilyJules7x's beard being the source of his power, but you know, it's not like I care or anything... (I will find you, Alex).  And so, without further ado, enjoy GiantMan Music's interview with Scott Holiday!  And finally, to top off our amaze-a-thon of wonderment, I present to you a kickass power metal band from France called Heavenly.  These guys started making a name for themselves in the early 2000's the same way every power metal band does: by playing at Wacken and opening for Stratovarius and Edguy of course!  The band not only has all the soaring choruses and neo-classical magic you'd expect, but also quite a profound, uh, let's say "appreciation" for the female body.  (which, who doesn't?)  Check out this awesome NSFW (that means there's boobs, Dad.) music video for their song "Lost In Your Eyes."  You know, it's the weirdest thing, the girl in the video actually feels out of place until she gets all her clothes off.  After that it kinda feels artistically correct.  Here's another song of theirs, this time an amazing interpretation of Ode To Joy, with a very classy and also NSFW album cover.  A lot of their recent songs are much harder than these, so if you're more into metal and less into power, then this band has plenty for you as well.  I'd like to thank Jake from Also England for the excellent recommendation!  Thanks Jake!  And I'll see everyone soon!

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