356: Wii U Launch

Have you guys ever taken a quick nap in the afternoon, and then woken up tomorrow?  It feels like time travel.

Here's a great alternative rock band from Australia called TISM (short for This Is Serious, Mum).  The band members are all anonynous, wearing masks in their videos and at shows to hide their identities, and the band has been praised for their clever lyrics and very satirical themes.  The band's style is very eclectic, usually incorporating a lot of pop, electronic, and new-wave elements in their music, and other times just opting for straightforward light/alternative rock.  Here's a great song of theirs with a fantastic animated music video, called "Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me."  And another one with more of a new-wave feel to it, called "Whatareya?"  Big thanks to Mij from Australia for the introduction to this band!  You rock, Mij!

Also, holy crap AC/DC finally made all of their albums available on iTunes.  Now everyone can purchase their albums legally to make themselves feel less guilty!

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