357: Entrance Theme

Ha, disappearing magical wristwatch panel one.  This was amazingly fun to draw, I didn't even care how long it took me.  Metroid has always been my favorite game series, and Samus is one of my favorite characters, even forgiving what they did to her in Other M (though, admittedly, it's not very easy to forgive.)

Here's a band that I keep on forgetting to mention, even though people have reminded me of them again and again and again.  They are the Swedish hard rock band Graveyard, and quite frankly, forgetting them all this time is the greatest injustice in the world, because they kick ASSSSSSS.  Their music takes after hard rock and psychadelic rock from the 1970's, which means the always-popular term "stoner rock" get to be applied to them perfectly.  After their second album, Hisingen Blues, went number 1, they quickly gained attention all across Europe.  Check out some of their most popular tacks right here, starting with that album's eponymous hit, "Hisingen Blues."  Next up is a newer song called "Goliath," and finally a slower song that really picks up as it goes along, in a very Zeppelin way if you know what I mean, here's "The Siren."  I'd like to thank all the, like, dozen or so people who have mentioned this band to me at some point, because thanks to you guys we can finally enjoy this long-overdue awesomeness.  See you guys tomorrow!

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