358: Win

Katie Tiedrich of Awkward Zombie once said that the best part about being a cartoonist is getting to make up your own sound effects.  I disagree.  The best part about being a cartoonist is getting to draw people in video game outfits.  And then the second best part is getting to make up your own sound effects.  Just to give you guys an idea of how long it took me to draw this comic, the power suit in the third panel took me exactly half an hour to color.  Just that power suit.  I am very slow.

While most American cartoonists are taking Thanksgiving off, I'll be sticking around to tell you guys about a brand new rock band from Brazil called Leaf.  Their drummer Rafhael is a reader of mine, and he sent me the link to his band's website.  My impression of the band was this:  while their recordings are still very amateurish at this point (very "early-demo-quality" recordings), they've written some great 80's hard rock songs, and are already showing huge potential based on their songwriting alone.  Give these guys some more time to practice and some better recording equipment, and I guarantee you'll get to hear something amazing.  I wanna hear plenty of high quality recordings from these guys in the future, so I'm sharing them all with you guys right now, so you can be cool and say you found out about them before everyone else.  Here's a few of my favorites so far: "As Real As It Gets," and the especially good "Living On The Road."  And here's their website, where you can hear all the rest of their songs.  If you like these guys, be sure to support them, we all know how hard it is for new bands to make any headway.  Special thanks to Rafhael for the links, good luck with the music dude!

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