359: Crowd

Just the line outside of "The Wii U Store."  Man, those guys have such a varied selection!

Today I'd like to tell you all about an amazing blues guitarist named Seasick Steve.  To call this guy "oldschool" would be the understatement of the year.  He looks, acts, and sounds like he's been playing the blues ever since the 19fucking60's(because he actualy HAS been), and yet his career breakthrough only happened less than ten years ago.  The man is known for several things: 1) being AMAZING at the blues.  2)  Using many homemade modified instruments, including some guitars that have only one, two, or three strings.  Watch, listen, and fall in love with this dinosaur of blues as he performs his songs "Dog House" and "Back In The Dog House." (How appropriate.)  A huge thanks to John from England for recommending this blues master to me.  I told John, "Knowing that there are musicians like this still around and still being discovered makes me very, very happy," and it still really, really does.  Thanks John!  Thanks nerds!

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