361: First

And hello again, everyone!  Glad to have you all back, and thank you again for allowing me my week off.  It turned out to be much more necessary than I could have predicted.  The people who saw the MUSIC page on Wednesday know that my grandfather, who had been deathly ill these last few months, passed away during the week.  The majority of my days off were therefore spent with family, meaning I had actually picked the perfect week for a break, even if I wasn't able to catch up on very much work during it.  But I should be back to a "regular" upload schedule this week, and just so you guys know, if more family obligations arise, I may be required to skip an upload or two.  Hopefully I won't have to, but either way I'm giving you guys the heads up about it, just in case.  I'll be sure to post a message if there's going to be a missed upload.

Today marks the end of this little story arc , which is funny because it's already been two weeks since the actual Wii U launch.  I'm actually pretty proud of the artwork on this one, it came out way better than I expected it to, even if the room in panel one IS pretty gigantic and empty.  The last panel is a reference to a much funnier comic than my own, about Nintendo's dumb E3 conference earlier this year.  Because of that particular comic, "Nentendurlannd" has now become a thing for me and the Sultan; we can't even call the game Nintendo Land with a straight face anymore.    And for those of you who haven't gotten to play a Wii U yet, I think you'll be pleased to know that the hype was totally true, the system is pretty fucking awesome.  And Nentenderlannd is fun as shit.  Remember how strangely fun and addicting Wii Sports was when it came out?  Nentenderlannd is even better.  Nintendo may actually have what it takes to make a real gaming platform after all...  (Note: the preceding statement would have to assume that the NES, SNES, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, N64, GameBoy Advance, Gamecube, and DS never existed.)

Oh, and for your musical recommendations today, we're celebrating the end of a video game arc with several amazing cover/doujin artists.  The first, and most AWESOMEST is a man named S.S.H.  You don't even need to care about game music to love this guy, S.S.H. is one of the best guitarists ever, even without the source material.  And of course, you can download a bunch of his songs for free off of his website.  Unfortunately, though, many of the MP3 titles won't show up in iTunes since they're in Japanese.  The next artist/band (not sure) is one called Kurogane, who excel at synth-rock songs/ electronic rock arrangements.  Once again, all of their material is available for free on their website, and once again, the MP3 labels will be in Japanese (but at least these ones show up properly so you can translate them).  And finally, I've got one more YouTube artist on the MUSIC page.  Enjoy!

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