362: iTunes 11

Oh, Apple.  So I'm not too fond of some of the changes in the new iTunes update.  For starters, they've taken away my beloved album art window in the bottom corner, and then they made it impossible to see the artwork of a song unless it's playing, which sucks.  Also, using the arrows on your keyboard to skip songs doesn't work in every situation.  Some of the other updates are things that only *I* would be upset about, things a lot of other people won't mind at all.  Things like having larger text, so you don't get to see as many songs per window, I dislike.  And having those large titles at the top of your playlist windows, which take up even more space and are totally unnecessary.  Finally, the fact that the iCloud column pops up every time I open iTunes, even after I try disabling it.  That means if I want it gone I have to go through all my windows one by one and disable it, every time I open up iTunes.  Now, some of the new features are definitely pretty sweet, like the new mini-player, and the "up next" feature, but in general I find the new menus and windows more troublesome than helpful.  Hopefully Apple will fix some of these things on the next update, because after that, it's just a matter of getting used to the new layout.

For our featured artist today, we have another amazing acoustic guitarist brought to us by Emil, Prince of the Danishes.  This man's name is Mike Dawes, an acoustic fingerstyle player like so many others, who often collaborates with other solo musicians to give his music a fuller sound than his peers.  Check out this AMAZING video of his, which is a redone version of his song "The Impossible."  After watching that video, I was like "HOLYFUCKINGCRAP Why aren't all acoustic guitar videos like this?!"  Here's another one where he's playing solo, on his song "Boogie Shred."  Another big thanks to Emil, for another excellent guitarist suggestion!  Thanks Emil!  See you guys tomorrow!

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