363: Magical Tat

Also, in iTunes 11, you can no longer set individual playlists to shuffle or repeat, which stinks cuz now I have to turn shuffle on and off each time I switch playlists, instead of setting it once and leaving it alone forever.  And then every time you switch playlists the window goes back to the top of the list automatically.  That's bullshit, because I have thousands of songs to go through on those playlists and I always liked how it kept my place when I switched.  Oh, and when you delete a song that's currently playing, it doesn't skip to the next song anymore, so now you have to go down the list and search for wherever the fuck that last song was to restart the music from there.  But, at least I discovered the option to turn my side menu on again, so now the layout is similar to how it used to be.  That makes me happy, because it allows me to enjoy the new menus without sacrificing my old layout.  But still, all those little things I've mentioned should definitely go back to the way they were, cuz it was better that way.  Yes I'm nitpicking, so sue me, I literally spend every hour of my day on either YouTube or iTunes.  I appreciate having those things be as efficient and helpful as possible.

Speaking of "also's", WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME THAT FIVE IRON FRENZY ARE RECORDING A NEW ALBUM?!?!?   Holy fuck, that is goddamn incredible, they are one of the best bands ever, and they had broken up for good NINE YEARS ago.  Then they came out last year and announced that, not only are they getting back together, but THEY ARE RECORDING A NEW ALBUM AS WELL!  And it took me a year to find this shit out!  They've already released one song, which is free to download from their website.  The song is pretty good, a little different than anything they've done before, but considering how much the band evolved while they were together, that doesn't surprise me at all.  Now we're just waiting for more news about the album, like title and release date, because when that finally happens I may end up pooping myself.

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