364: Derek Trucks

Rolling Stone loves Derek Trucks.  They put him at #16 on their Best Guitarists list, and they talk about him all the time.  And they're pretty much the only ones that care about him.  Derek Trucks' uncle is the drummer for the Allman Brothers' Band, and they invited Derek to open for them when he was only 13 years old.  Derek proved to be a child prodigy at guitar, especially at using a guitar slide, and he's gone on to win a lot of awards and recognition.  His skill at guitar is unquestionable, but since his own style of songwriting is based heavily on jazz, blues, and different types of world music, he's never become incredibly popular with the mainstream rock crowd.  Check him out doing an amazing blues duet with fellow Allman Brothers' Band member and blues legend Warren Haynes, and then an awesome jam of "Layla" and "Statesboro Blues" when he was opening for the Allman Brothers at the age of 13.

I'm gonna be doing a Full Page Rant for tomorrow, which means I'll be putting it up as soon as I'm done typing it out.  Shouldn't be quite as long as the others have been, though!  See you then!

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