365: Full Page Rant: The MPA and The Right to Learn

I'd like to thank some crazy awesome fans that I've heard from lately (or way, way long ago).  A huge, huge thanks to DCK from France, who schooled me on some of by past French translations, thanks a bunch Dahlia!  And then Alexander from Canada for his folk metal recommendation that blew my socks off, Mohammed from the UAE for his amazing acoustic guitarist recommendation, Adam from Canada for knowing how awesome cartoon theme songs are, Jeffrey from PunksLove for loving punk like no motherfucker before him, Keith from Texas for succumbing to my attack hyenas quickly and quietly, and Simón from Colombia for the brief but very meaningful comments about the comic.  And last but not least, a couple people from I-Don't-Know-Where who have sent some one or two sentence emails, with practically no information, but who are still totally cool nontheless.  Thanks to Brandon from Last.fm, Mathias from Latveria, Diehard Fan, FUCKING MATT, and Trevor from a little toy shop who buys a bag of balloons with the money he's got.  You are all awesome, spectacular, fantaaa.... wonderf.... eh... I'm over you guys already.

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