366: Digimen

That's right everybody, after almost a year and a half of drawing 3-Chord Dorks by hand with paper and pencil, I'm officially making the switch to digital comics.  I recently got myself a brand new, big, shiny (fucking expensive) Wacom Cintiq that I've been learning and practicing on nonstop.  And even though I still have a bunch left to learn about using the tablet and using Photoshop, I've decided to make the switch anyway, to force myself to figure it out as quickly as possible.  The transition to drawing comics digitally is something I've been anxious to reach for a long time, and I'm very very excited about what it'll mean for the comics.  Obviously it means the artwork will improve.  I had pretty much reached my plateau with the colored pencils; there wasn't really anything I could do to improve beyond the point I was at, but with this tablet and Photoshop in my hands, the sky's the limit for where the artwork can go now.  For instance, this was the first drawing that I did while practicing in Photoshop.  (You can probably tell that I spent more time on Cassie than I did on myself.)  Upcoming comics will probably look something like this, and will only keep getting better.  The other thing that I'm very excited about is the amount of time that it'll save me while drawing comics.  Drawing and coloring the comics by hand took me forever, because I constantly needed to erase things and redraw them a thousand times again and again.  But now with the ease of doing it on the computer, I expect to shave off at least one or two hours from my workload each day, which would be a HUGE help for me.  And of course, using this tablet is REALLY FUCKING FUN.  WAAAAAY more fun than drawing by hand has been.  That means work is less stressful, as well.  So, only good things will come from this switch, and I'm very excited to get to all of them.  Tomorrow sees our first real digital comic.  Let's all hope I don't fuck it up!

As for music today, I think we should just take some time to enjoy this for a moment.

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