368: Ravi Shankar

The comics are already taking less time to complete!  I haz very high hopes for teh future comicz.  Usually I don't keep the comics up to date with people passing away, because we're living in a time when all the great old musicians are starting to leave us, and it would be hard to mention everybody.  But it had been a while since I've gotten to draw Wade, and I figured Ravi's passing would be appropriate to bring him back, especially since he gets to be in so few music comics.  Ravi Shankar was legendary for his amazing skills on the sitar, as well as the vast number of musicians he would influence with his music.  George Harrison was his most famous student, but Shankar's influence reached countess others, so many in fact, that he pretty much helped to define the musical setting of the late 60s.  You can hear one of his most famous ragas right here, played alongside his daughter Anoushka, who's also an incredibly successful sitar player.

And now for our musical recommendation today, I have an AMAZERING progressive metal band for you called Haken.  Hailing from England, and playing a style very similar to Dream Theater, these guys are seriously right up there with them at the very top of the technical prog metal world.  Haken's songs change patterns and styles so frequently, it sometimes sounds like each song has ten individual songs inside of it, sometimes even changing genres to things like Eastern European Ompa music and atonal jazz, it's nuts.  So let's satisfy our prog metal urges with several of my favorite Haken songs, starting off with the 17-minute "Celestial Elixer," and then following up with the much shorter (and mislabelled) "Portals," and finally finishing off with the epic 22-minute "Visions."  A huge thanks to Luciano from Argentina for the recommendation!

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