370: Nirvana Reunion

Rule number one: NEVER see what people are saying about the thing you like.  See, this is why we can't have nice things.  Before the 12-12-12 concert, there were rumors going around that the so-called "Dave Grohl & Friends" performance was actually going to be a Nirvana reunion, and those rumors were right.  But little did people expect Paul McCartney to be fronting them, and even fewer people expected them to have written a brand new song for the occasion.  (well, actually it's a new song they wrote for Dave Grohl's movie, but no one had known about it yet.)  The song was awesome, but as you might expect, it didn't sound like old Nirvana.  Honestly I can't imagine why anyone would think that it WOULD sound like old Nirvana.  But instead of celebrating the reuniting of these great musicians, or celebrating the premier of an awesome new song, many Nirvana fans are pissed that they didn't play one of their old classics, and many others think they shouldn't have even bothered reuniting without Kurt Cobain, because it's just not worth it if you can't have Kurt.  Obviously I find this attitude pretty petty, and one that totally diminishes what should have been an amazing moment.  We're never going to HAVE Kurt Cobain back, which means Nirvana never WILL be the same, but that doesn't mean the rest of the band (who are all amazing musicians) shouldn't be allowed to keep playing together.  Especially when they have someone like Paul McCartney to collaborate with - I mean, am I the only one who would TOTALLY go see a tour of "Nirvana with Paul McCartney"?  That shit sounds fucking rad.

And now how about a little thrash metal for you guys?  This is a band from Norway called Tantara, who have just released their debut album a few months ago.  Their style is inspired by the Bay Area Thrash scene of the early 80's, or in other words, the very origin of the genre, and it's really clear in their music.  These guys sound just like Ride The Lightning-era Metallica, and they play it awesomely.  We're living in a time when oldschool thrash metal is really seeing a resurgence in popularity amongst new bands, and these guys are some of the most oldshool-sounding of the bunch.  Enjoy some thrashy melting face-fucks with their songs "Negligible Souls," and "Mass Murder."  I owe my newly melted face to Anders from Norway, without whom it would not have been possible.  FUCKING THANKS, ANDERRRRRRS!

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