371: A Concert Tale: The Stooges, Part I

Finally, here's the comic that took me a whole day to draw, even with my shiny new tablet!  Because of how long this one took, there's going to be a change of plans for this next week or two.  This concert story is going to require me to draw a lot of very detailed and in-depth panels, and several 8-panel comics, and a whole bunch of people in crowds, which takes FUCKING FOREVER AND I HATE IT.  And so I won't be able to bust out five of them a week like I normally do, at least not without going insane.  So until this storyline is done, I'm going to switch to a THREE-COMIC-A-WEEK upload schedule.  I'm going to do two more comics between now and Sunday, and then next week will be a Mon-Wed-Fri deal, until the story is done.  After that, we'll be switching back to our normal 5-times-a-week-but-seemingly-at-different-times-every-day routine, just how I like it!  Hope you guys can suffer through fewer comics for a week or two!  I'll see you in a few days with the next strip!

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