372: A Concert Tale: The Stooges, Part II

Drugs so good they can turn an Asian's hair Anime.  So Carlos is a real guy I met at Austin City Limits this summer.  He really is The Coolest Person Ever; no matter what concert he goes to, he'll be the guy that everyone wants to hang around.  He had water, drugs, a mist sprayer, and he was the nicest dude you'll ever meet.  The kinda guy who goes to a concert NOT JUST to have a great time, but also to make sure EVERYONE ELSE is having a great time too.  One second he'd be spraying mist over everyone's heads, the next second he'd be introducing himself to a stranger and offering to light his cigarette, and the next second he and I would be nerding out about all of our favorite Stooges songs.  And he knew EVERYTHING about the Stooges.  He and I rocked out in that crowd like no one else, and even though I only spent one hour with the guy, I'll remember him for a long time.  I tried my hardest to draw him from memory, but after a couple months it's pretty hard.  I think I might've gotten his face shape wrong, but I still made sure the artwork was the best I could possibly muster, because Carlos deserves that much.  This is probably the most detailed strip I've ever done.  And for some reason, I felt the urge to take pictures of my progress along the way.  Here's a couple close-ups of the first panel, halfway through coloring, and then when it's all finished.

So here's to Carlos from Minnesota, The Coolest Person At Every Concert.  You made my Stooges concert that much more awesome, dude.  (Actually he's from North Dakota, but he says Minnesota because no one recognizes the name of his hometown.  See what I'm talking about?  This guy is so friendly, I know all this stuff about him after only spending one hour with the guy.)

I'll try to get the next comic up before Monday, which I only just realized is Christmas Eve.  Who knew?  

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